【ICO Review】 TrueGame (TGAME) Gamble iGaming Project with BlockChain with Proven Products and Licenses

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TrueGame is a fully functional iGaming project which received very positive feedback from the community. Truegame has a truly unique iGaming product, and the user has already played more than 12 kinds of games (scratch cards, prize drawing, lottery, gift box, etc.).

Private ICO closed within 24 hours. We have announced products with gambling industry expert team, proved and ready for scale out and market expansion.


Overall overview of TrueGame project

The blockchain project of the gambling sector is particularly fierce competition in recent years.

A number of promising projects such as FunFair, DAO.casino, BitDice, Decent.bet, SP8DE, etc. have been born.

A new blockchain gambling project was born again in April 2018.

It is TrueGame.


Truegame is a block chain based online game room for lotteries and gambling.

On this platform you can participate in lotteries, win precious prizes, enjoy games like dice. The collection of games is constantly updated.

The project has already been launched as a fully functional smart contract based iGaming platform in 2017 and received very positive feedback from the community and focus groups.

Despite the ICO’s holding, it is a project that has already been proven.

Problems and Solutions

Despite the high growth of the gambling industry, the world’s online gambling market is still facing some challenges. It is under the main task which the industry faces.

Problem 1: Opacity of funds

Opacity is one of the most important issues. While it is the cause, there are casino operators and waisters, dependence is also a concern.

As a result, the player can not check the payment ability of the casino operator, and the user ascertains whether the casino management has funds for payment and whether the promised jackpot can actually be provided I can not do it.

In contrast, TrueGame’s solution is below.

→ Solution 1: Ensure complete transparency of funds

Truegame provides complete transparency. All accumulated funds will be consolidated with smart contracts. Everyone can see the size of Jackpot on an independent platform and guarantee the ability to pay the prize.

Problem 2: Lack of randomness (unfairness)

The next important issue is the problem of randomness.

In most cases, online casinos do not have the opportunity to check randomness to determine the winner. Although there is technology for generating random numbers, it is meaningless unless it can verify it.

Generating random numbers is not transparent, and even in the case of authenticated algorithms, players can not guarantee the reliability of the party monitoring the game 100%.

→ Solution 2: Confirmation of random number generation

Truegame uses blockchains and smart contract technology to solve this problem. The algorithm to generate random numbers can be used with GitHub and anyone can check it. The generation of random numbers and distribution of prize money is done not in our server but in the autonomous environment of the block chain. Therefore neither side can intervene in this process.

Problem 3: Reliability and Information Asymmetry

This problem interferes with the process of scale-up, making it very difficult for online casinos to enter overseas markets.

Most of the gambling industry websites can not provide users with sufficient transparency to ensure the player’s complete trust in the integrity of the site administrator. For example, you can not see the number of people who actually participated in a particular game.

→ Solution 3: Provide a transparent system

The platform provides a completely transparent system. All transactions are stored in the blockchain. It can not be changed or deleted. Everyone can check and check the progress of all drawings on an independent platform (such as Etherscan) or a computer on which a corresponding block-chain environment is deployed.

Problem 4: Lack of security

The overwhelming majority of online resources are subject to attack by hackers. Regardless of what means of protection the owner’s site, the risk of hacking will always remain. If a site is compromised at a traditional online casino, an attacker can fully manage the tie and access the jackpot.

→ Solution 4: Decentralized

The solution to this is that Truegame is a distributed application (DAPP).

If our website is compromised, an attacker can not influence the tie process or access the jackpot. Because its site is just an infrastructure interface created in a block chain environment, drawing, storing and distributing jackpots is managed by a smart contract running in a distributed environment.

In this way, unlike previous projects, we developed and launched a fully prepared platform based on infrastructure.

The architecture makes it possible for anyone to develop and execute games that have never been done before. Some of them have already been started and indeed we can try.

TrueGame platform features

Hundreds of players are currently playing

Hundreds of players playing smart contract dependent game on the platform are playing. The following functions are implemented at this stage.

Scratch card


It is only.

In the near future, they are planning to launch new games such as dice, smart roulette, slot game and so on. Unlike regular casinos, each game of Truegame is made by the development team, so it is completely unique. With a flexible and conceived structure, a new monthly work comes in and integrates each independent service on the platform to promote growth.

Guarantee absolute transparency and independence

It is opacity that is regarded as a particular problem in gambling.

It is complete transparency and independence that forms the basis of the Company’s solution and block chain technology.

The result of each game can be verified by the open registry of the block chain and can never be operated from the outside.

Fair chance for each player

The game is based on a completely random indication provided from the block chain. It boasts very high security and can not be operated from outside. In other words, whether or not a player will win will be determined entirely by luck and mathematical possibilities.

Fair distribution of winning money

The hit is distributed equitably and fairly according to the strict rules of the game based on the block chain network, not the casino operator.

Two ways of interacting with players with smart contracts:

Work through personal accounts. In this way, the player’s balance token is controlled by the Ethereum node, the player does not need to use any special software, but has skills to handle block chains.

The second way is to use a Metamask wallet, for example, to interact directly with smart contracts via Ethereum Wallet. The player himself sends a wager to Wallet and interacts with the smart contract method. This option is still in beta mode.

Regardless of the way selected, the player is a complete participant of our game and will participate in the general lottery pool claiming Jackpot.

Adoption technology

Block chain technology

With the development of block chain technology, the world of iGaming can make a big change. Blockchain gives complete transparency and reliability to the game process, because it can transfer prizes, generate random numbers and separate lotteries from arbitrary operations. Gambling is one of the few areas where you can uncover all the benefits of block chain solutions such as decentralization, transparency, reduction of transaction costs, high data quality.


At the moment, truegames core system is Ethereum based DAPP developed by our company. Ethereum meets the requirements of the project and can provide both player’s successful user experience and platform revenue. At the same time, Ethereum network is not optimal enough, so their specialists are constantly researching new technologies to improve game process and reduce transaction costs.

On the platform, you can quickly move the entire architecture to a new block chain, but since the user interface hardly changes, the team views the cardano block chain as a promising technology at this time.

Security audit

They are very concerned about platform security and the underlying infrastructure focuses on the security of all stakeholders. Smart contract and billing management in a block chain environment provides security for both players and platforms.

Nonetheless, it is very important for independent experts to do external security audits and contributes to this in every way.

Here is their security plan.

At the moment, we have chosen a company with excellent expertise in the field of Internet security and high capacity in the field of smart contract security. This company will conduct an independent audit of our solution. Such an audit is scheduled for March 2018.

We plan to operate Hackathon, Hackathon will be given a valuable prize to everyone who discovers system vulnerabilities. It also points out the potential weaknesses of smart contract security. In our road map, hackathon is scheduled for May 2018.

Safety of platform operating assets: Platform funds required for payment of jackpot are stored in smart contract, which provides direct payment of prize. Special attention is paid between audit and Hackson to protect these funds from unauthorized access through smart contracts. At the physical level, security is enabled using a number of hardware wallets and multi-signature wallets (we will not disclose in detail for security reasons).

Scammers are very inventive at online gambling, especially at poker. Hackers are constantly looking for weaknesses in online gambling platforms. Since the open contract algorithm of Smart Contract is also attacked, our platform can not eliminate the risk of being hacked.

Potential possibilities for switching from Ethereum to Cardano Block Chain


The implemented architecture allows you to quickly switch from the Ethereum block chain system where the platform is currently running to other, for example popular Cardano networks.

This flexibility allows you to speed up transaction processing and reduce costs, thereby increasing the house edge. In addition, such transitions do not affect existing players.


Thanks to the existence of a powerful development department that was able to design and develop more than 12 games in a relatively short period of time, according to the roadmap of this project, by the end of 2018 Truegame has more than 30 new games It is possible to release it.





Popular lottery analogue — Blockchain

Ball Lotto and Euromillions jackpot


Crypro Millions Lotto, $ 1,000,000


Gift Box Game — Guess which box has prize money

Smart Roulette — This is the first roulette to be fully implemented with a smart contract (it is due to come in March 2018).

Dice game

Also added.

About token sale

Pre-sale was executed on February 26, 2018 — March 18, 2018.

The first week’s bonus on Presale is 40% (1 ETH = 12, 950 TGAME)
Pre-sale’s week 2 bonus is 30% (1 ETH = 12,025 TGAME)
The third week bonus on Presale is 20% (1 ETH = 11, 100 TGAME)

The main sale will run until April 30, 2018

The price is 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME.

Token sale outline

Token: TGAME
Price 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME
Platform: Ethernet
Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 2,000,000 USDT
Hard cap 9,000,000 USDT
Country Costa Rica
White list / KYC whitelist

Market analysis

The international online gambling market will continue to grow

The international online gambling market value in 2016 is 44.16 billion dollars, boasting growth at an annual average growth rate of 10.8% and expected to reach 81.71 billion dollars in 2020.

The international mobile gambling market is expected to grow at an even faster rate (annual average growth rate of 18.84%) in 2017–2021. This market is attracting attention as the most profitable business online.

The online gambling market continues to grow greatly. This is clearly confirmed by analysis and research. The figure below [https://www.statista.com] shows the statistics of the gaming market volume from 2009 and is forecast until 2020.

Online gambling platforms include casino games, sports betting, card games, fantasy sports, lotteries and social games.

The platform provides new games and special bonus programs to guarantee customer loyalty. The new casino is trying to attract users by offering more profitable bonuses and exciting games with high payout rates. With the advent of various new gadgets, the share of young people involved in online gambling (https://www.the-drop.com.au) is increasing.

Research and market analysts are predicting that the worldwide online gambling market will grow at CAGR of 9.36% during the period 2017–2021 [https://www.researchandmarkets.com].

Impact of legal regulations on online gambling

Keytocasino analysts conducted a global survey on the availability of online gambling in 2015. They maintain up-to-date information on the legal regulations of the website [https://www.keytocasino.com].]

For example, in many countries gambling is managed by licensing and supervision, but some countries are forbidden. The opportunities for gambling vary widely from country to country.

While over 50% of the population is prohibited from accessing their online casinos, there are countries that have licensed online gambling in more than 60 countries, allowing citizen’s betting.

In addition, there are unusual rules. For example, some countries prohibit citizens from playing in casinos, but allowing foreigners to play and in at least one country, casinos are available to people who earn a considerably high salary .


European online gambling is particularly popular

Especially in Europe, gambling is a thriving country, the share of the market is growing.

According to EGBA (European Gambling & Betting Association)

Europe ‘s online gambling and betting has been successful, becoming a large — scale sector.

The European market accounts for almost half of the world market, more than 17% of the gaming market as a whole in the online market, the ground operators make up 83% of the EU market.

Since the market analysis is detailed in the following, summarize easily.

Analysis of the European gaming market

How long has Europe become the industry’s global leadership?


The European market today is the largest market in the online gambling market all over the world. Among the total 34.6 billion euros of online games worldwide generated in 2015, those attributable to the EU market were over 47.6%.

Leadership, which accounts for half of this market, is believed to be derived from the innovative nature of European operators, the high Internet penetration rate in Europe and the lack of regulatory opportunities in the US and Asia to build similar industries.

However, it is also a fact that leadership in Europe is uncertain due to the growing fragmentation of the EU market in line with the “borderline” of the state and economic protectionism.

European growth areas

Given that the field is relatively young and new, the growth of Europe’s online gambling sector is slowing as regulatory pressures are rising.

However, it is still developing and the online gambling Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR — stake minus prize) will increase from 16.5 billion euros in 2015 to 24.9 billion euros in 2020.

Betting is the most popular European online gambling product in 37% of the market and online poker and casino account for 24% and 12% respectively.


The European online gambling sector accounted for 17.5% of the European gambling market in 2015.

Independent forecasts we anticipate that the market share of online gambling will steadily rise to 22% in 2020.

However, the offline market revenue will also amount to EUR 830 million in 2020, which means that online market growth does not sacrifice the offline market and its traditional providers.

Different customer and product profile


Revenues generated by traditional ground-based operators are derived from older products such as those found in supplies such as physical wager stores, casinos and bingo halls, scratch cards and lottery tickets I will.

Online gambling offers a wide variety of products commonly found on one integration site so that you can bet on the results of basketball games and play poker.

Growth fields that benefit both individual and monopolist

Traditional lottery operators also offer opportunities for consumers to participate in online lottery tickets, e-sports betting and e-poker are also on the rise. Today these monopolies occupy over 20% of the European online gambling market, which is said to be much higher in Northern Europe than in Southern Europe and Eastern Europe.

Quoted from: http: //www.egba.eu/facts-and-figures/market-reality/

In terms of country, the UK is a country where online casinos are very popular.

The legal system is quite free, and British have enjoyed betting for a long time. Several book makers have been operating in this country for over a hundred years [https://en.wikipedia.org]. Bingo and lottery are very popular. Authorities responsible for gambling and bookmakers are British gambling committees.

All operators wishing to provide casino and bookmaker services to British citizens need to obtain special licenses. Such documents are issued by the UK gambling committee. In addition to providing licensing and control of gambling and gambling activities in the country, it also publishes reports including extensive statistics on brokerage and gambling.

The latest statistical data was published in 2017 by the British government [www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk]. This shows that the gambling industry continues to develop especially online gambling and gambling. Annual income from gambling from April 2016 to March 2017 was approximately 1.4 billion pounds. The gambling industry is a major UK employer. In 2017, 106,236 people were involved in this industry.

At the moment, online casinos have a market share of 34% across the entire UK gaming industry in gambling and bingo. The number of licenses issued for online gambling reached 778, 4.6% more than the previous period.

The project team believes that these trends in the gambling market will contribute to the success of the project, and in addition to the above, there is a need to further improve legislation, such as further elimination of legislative restrictions, permanent population increase, tourism growth meaning gamble spread, Because there are other factors that contribute to the expansion of the market, the project needs to expand based on that point.

Competitive analysis

The history of online casinos began at 1994 [https://en.wikipedia.org] where Microgaming developed the first platform for Internet gambling.

There are many major publicly traded companies in the operating company of the online casino, and some companies operating the online casino are sponsored by the professional sports team.

Especially in football, in 2012, Europe’s online casino giant ‘Bewyn’ signed a 3-year sponsorship agreement with Manchester United of England Premier League and the following are typical examples.


  • Manchester United: Betfair, Bwin
    Real Madrid: Bwin
    Aston Villa: 32 Red PLC (2006–2008)
    Sevilla FC: 888 Holdings PLC (2006–2008)

    And the world’s online gambling market is characterized by the existence of competing vendors to gain market power. The major vendors in this market are below.

    ・888 Holdings
    ・Vietnamese home com
    ・GVC Holdings
    ・Ladbrokes Coral Group
    ・MGM Resorts
    ・ Unibet Group.

    Other well-known vendors include Betsson, Camelot Group, Genting UK, NetEnt, Paddy Power, Playtech, Rank Group, Stars Group, William Hill.

    And there are many distributed gambling projects using blockchains, and the following projects are often taken up as competitors.


    It is a distributed platform for casinos based on Ethereum connecting casino operators, game developers, partners, players in open entertainment space.


    Distributed casino with smart contract. Features anonymity and online gambling regulatory compliance


    It is a lottery platform based on blockbuster technology.

    Lott Land

    It is the fastest growing online lotto company in the world. Customers all over the world can win more than 30 kinds of lottery items and win the same lottery jackpot.


    Transparent and verifiable sports betting and gambling platform on the Ethernet column chain. Sports betting, house credit, lottery is the main element.


    Fair casino platform with block chains


    Tratestress open gambling platform adopting Ethicalium.

    Aidos Kuneen (ADK)

    Anonymous currency with better privacy, decentralization and scalability. Focusing on online casinos, we also plan to offer services via europea and our own banking network

    And there are many similar projects at the same time.


    Naturally, TrueGame competes directly with these projects, and competition in this industry is expected to be quite intense.
    In addition, these gambling projects are listed on various exchanges.

    ・FunFair (FUN): Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, Bitfinex
    ・Edgeless (EDG): Bittrex, Liqui, HitBTC
    ・TrueFlip (TFL): Kucoin, YoBit, Livecoin
    ・DAO.Casino (BET): hitBTC
    ・BitDice (CSNO): HitBTC
    ・SP8DE: Etherdelta Idex

    Casino related projects may not be listed on many exchanges due to the characteristics of tokens, so be careful that the risks are included.

    Competitive Advantages

    Clear vision and solution

    Indeed, there are not many iGaming platforms that use blockchains well, and the iGaming platforms that use smart contracts in a blockchain environment are TrueFlip (lottery only), SmartBillions (very easy lottery), and so on.


    Some projects have grown rapidly, but successful projects do not exist yet, they realized scratch cards, prize draws and integrated them into a universal block chain platform.

    Truegame has the following undeniable advantage:

    ・Presence of a finished product of smart contract technology
    ・Fully unique content
    ・High team power

    Although iGaming is a highly competitive industry with many players in the market, the team has repeatedly launched a greatly successful project in this field and offers full openness and transparency to players, Trust in our platform is higher than most traditional casinos.

    Presence of functional products

    The code can be found in Github. In the Smart Contract, 12 or more block chain based games are implemented.


    Scratch cardThis version of the instant lottery is unique within a gambling game based on block chains. This is an analog of a well-known scratch card that is available online. This game will help to fund the platform for its dynamic nature and low ticket price. On average, one participant plays 10–20 games per game session. We have already implemented the first cipher scratch off, cryptographic space battle, Good Luck Meme, Old Scratch Off, Code Scratch Off, Crypt Legend, and we are constantly updating collections.LotteriesWe realized and launched traditional and widely known things in European gaming market Lottery 6/49. In addition, we developed two lotteries, Crypto Millions with large jackpot and Blockchain Ball. These will be initiated shortly after the sale of the token and the completion of Jackpot fund supplementation. In addition, we analyzed general games and thoroughly investigated user feedback and comments. Based on this analysis, I devised a game launch plan for 2018. With the constant launch of new games, you can lengthen the player’s attention and increase the LTV index of the platform.

    It should be noted here that the project team has already launched and launched the traditional and widely known lottery 6/49 in the European gaming market, with Crypto Million featuring a big jackpot and It is to develop two lotteries called Blockchain Ball.


These lottery tickets will be launched shortly after the end of the sale and replenishment of the tokens of the Jackpot fund, which is considered to be able to increase the market value of the TGAME token in the short term.

Strong team power

As the team has various track records in the industry so far, it is ready for scale out and market expansion.

The team consists of excellent developers, legal, sales and marketing experts with years of experience of user acquisition, e-mail marketing, iGaming traffic generation and promotion for over 50 years. We also attracted prominent token experts who have lead ICOs successful in the past.

The advisor includes the following persons.

・COCO of bitcoin.com
・Esports.com CEO
・ICObench’s prominent expert


License acquisition stage

Basically, the online casino acquires and operates a management license (license).

In order to operate an online casino, it is necessary to acquire “administrative license (license)” issued by the government and the government, and if you do not have this, you can not operate it. In other words, it is operated legally.

And it is also necessary to accept legal tender currency.


However, in order to acquire a license you have to go through a very strict examination, licenses will only be issued to casinos that have cleared it.

It takes a considerable amount of time to acquire, so licenses can not be easily acquired by firms without physical strength, and even you can not even apply that you can not pay a high license fee before that.

TrueGame plans to acquire game licenses from two different jurisdictions, Malta and Curacao, and has a license affiliated with LAWBOOT LLC.

There are many projects trying to acquire licenses for Curacao, but each of them is on the way.

The company is still planning to acquire game licenses in several countries (licenses for Costa Rica will be acquired soon and the team will be licensed from Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar).

External Third Party Evaluation Height

On the ICObench site, they received the highest rating from over 70 experts.


I frequently see this site as a reference, but is not it the first project that received the overall evaluation so far?

Other external evaluation is considerably higher.


Existence of exchanges listing specialists

The team has experienced listing specialists.


She launched the Revain project token on a number of exchanges and has listed on more than 10 companies as follows.


Her presence will give you a very powerful advantage on exchange listing.

Comprehensively it turns out that competing projects are projects that are a few steps above.

Finance and business model

The team make three basic financial projections according to the total investment amount. Therefore, three scenarios can be described with the following assumptions.

  • The discount rate is 15% annually
  • 75% of total investment will be directly transferred to Jackpot
  • House edge is 14%

They expect the first operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the sales in 2018 will be relatively low.

The main pillar of profit is tickets, total sales from 7,000 tickets per day to 110,000 tickets per day may fluctuate depending on the total investment amount and marketing budget.


As in the white paper, the marketing budget for the first scenario is estimated to be relatively loose between 60 and 80,000 dollars if the second scenario marketing and advertising costs are estimated to be between $ 100 and $ 120,000.

And in the most optimistic scenario, we plan to spend 150,000 dollars to attract more customers around the world.

The future price of the token and the merit of the holder

Because the primary purpose of the TGAME utility token is to allow gaming and prizes to be accessed and bet on the Truegame platform, the main factor affecting the price rise of the TGAME token is the number of users on the platform It is an increase.

The main purpose of the TGAME token is to access games and prizes on the platform and win the big hit by betting.

It is characterized as a utility token. However, according to the white paper, when the player bet, a portion of the total wager is returned as a fee to the account of the token holder and can be regarded as passive income.

The merits of TGAME holders and factors related to token prices are as follows.

Purchase of risk-free tokens (In case that ICO does not collect softcap, all remittances will be returned.)・In the near future positive cash flow will be guaranteed, continuous development of new games will be done, positively affecting the investor’s expectation and as a result will affect the cost of the token
・The license acquisition process has been started and you can receive funds with traditional methods (payment system, credit card) within 2–3 months. This makes the project a broader target audience.
・As the project progresses, in addition to the natural growth of the token price, it also provides a fee from selling game tickets to all owners of the token, so it can benefit long term investment
・Short-term positions can be beneficial as they should actively attract players immediately after the sale of the token and should add the value of the token to the exchange.
・The team has adopted an experienced token list expert and has reached a contract with cryptographic exchanges because it can quickly enter many exchanges and secure high liquidity of Truegame token
・The product is fully prepared, focused on improvement and development of the project, not initial development or solution discovery
・Unique content is one of the key elements of online casino success. We do a lot of work to develop our own architecture, unique content and design, and adapt it to most mobile devices.
・Instead of using other companies’ White Label solutions, they have created their own powerful solution development department instead.
・The platform is fully integrated.
・We have developed a unique architecture that quickly implements smart contract based games, adds payment systems, integrates third party services, and offers white label iGaming solutions to other market participants.
・The implemented architecture allows you to switch quickly from one ・Ethereum block chain system where the platform is currently running to another, for example the popular Cardano network.
・Flexibility can increase transaction speed and reduce costs, thereby increasing house edges.
・Truegame is the first project targeting the huge audience of classic gambling and lottery players, beyond cipher industry players.
・Truegame will be the first block chain project to accept the legal currency.
It has a powerful development department and we were able to realize more than 12 games in a relatively short time.
・The only project that implemented a scratch card based on a smart contract
I pulled out the Smart Contract Award
・The only project that launched the classic 6/49 Lottery based on a smart contract
・The most complex stage (product development) of the project has already been implemented, and it is ready for market expansion and expansion and contraction
・Every game is totally transparent (open code is available in Github), the result can not be manipulated and victory is sent instantly to the player by the wise contract itself.
・This project is registered in a friendly jurisdiction for gaming in the National Register of Costa Rica.
・Owner of the Truegame token will be paid a percentage of sales

It is thought that the merits like the above are in the token holder from ICO.

You also need to mention the following information on the price of the token.

  • The number of issued tokens is limited to the current number of sheets, no additional issuance
  • Reserve token (10%) is frozen and used to attract additional funds for project development

I believe that all of the above factors will affect investment appeal after ICO.

It is a negotiating phase with some exchanges, and it is a good impression that the listing may be done in a short time after the end.

A promising startup company looks promising in the long run and projects based on the block chain technology expand in harmony with the industry as a whole, so it shows a dynamic breakthrough beyond that. In addition, the token owner can earn a commission for each ticket sale.

Therefore, the expected value of token prices is large both in the short term and in the long term.

Investment judgment and risk analysis

As mentioned in the previous section, participation in ICO is considered a good opportunity, as the price of the token is likely to rise both in the short term and in the long term.

  1. Clear solution
  2. Team Achievements
  3. The platform is integrated
  4. Game products already exist
  5. Team power is very high
  6. External evaluation is very high

If there is only this material, it will be investment targets.

As a risk analysis, the online gambling market is highly likely, so there are also a lot of entry projects, inevitably competition for market share will intensify. Not limited to blockchains, there are various projects.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the existence of regulatory authorities from the characteristics of gambling, and TrueGame tokens are based on profit sharing model, so there is a risk of interruption of handling at exchanges. But Regarding this, they have already decided to list the exchange and they are also hiring specialists, so risk reduction measures are taken.

How to purchase tokens

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Purchase tokens

You can purchase from now to purchase.


I agree to the terms of token issuance.


Register your wallet address.


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