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This time I would like to do ICO rating of TrueGame project.

ICO project trend

Especially in 2017 the ICO project is heating year, but in 2018 it is expected that a number of projects will be born as well.

Although financing can be completed, however, few projects can develop according to the roadmap, and most have failed due to various factors such as legal risk, transaction risk, development risk, market risk and so on.

So, I would like to consider what projects are successful this time.

Characteristics of a successful ICO project

Ethereum, NEO and NXT IOTA STRATIS are representative examples of successful ICO projects in the past, but the situation of the cryptocurrency market at that time and the intention of investors are different from the present.

From 2017 to 2018, the number of ICO projects has increased to the number of stars and a lot of ICO related companies and sites have been released.

Currently, the ICO market is getting very competitive and most of them are subject to fields.

Among the projects recently ICOed, there are several projects ranked in the top market cap.

  • Omisego
  • ADA
  • TRX
  • ICN
  • Status
  • ZRX

Analyzing and comparing those projects shows that they have common features.

That is below.

VISION — Project theme and vision

We evaluate what the theme of the project is and the theme is the degree of growth.

As the theme matches the needs of the market, the higher the possibility of growth, the higher the rating.

3 The vision is not spectacular with a reasonable theme
2 Standard theme and vision
1 Theme does not match the market or vision is too spectacular

TECHNICAL SOLUTION — Is there a clear technical solution

Evaluate whether the theme-based solution is clear.

3 It is clear
2 It is standard
1 Not clear

EXPERIENCE — Team experience

Evaluate the extent of the experience and achievement of the team that can carry out the project.

This involves development and community trust.

3 High
2 standard
1 low

TRANSPARENCY — project transparency

Evaluate the degree of transparency of the project team and related persons mainly from open source information.

It is an important item because it directly relates to the trust of the community.

3 High
2 standard
1 low

PRODUCT — existence of products and platforms

At the ICO stage, we will evaluate whether there are minimal products and platform development.

3 Functional ones exist
2 MVP exists
1 does not exist

MARKET GROUWTH — Market growth potential

We will evaluate the market size of the project.

The larger the market size or the growing width, the more you can boost the project.

3 High
2 standard
1 low

COMPETITIVE — Competitive

We measure the extent of competing projects and how strong competitiveness is.

3 High
2 standard
1 low

HYPE — Attention

We will mainly evaluate the attention degree in social media and mass media.

The higher the degree of attention, the more important it is because it also leads to the expected value.

3. High
2. Standard
1. Low

RATE — external evaluation

Evaluate to what degree external third party evaluation is. External valuation can generally be used as investment judgment.

3. High
2. Standard
1. Low

EXCHANGE — Exchange

We will evaluate whether we are actively collaborating with exchanges.

If the token itself can not be traded, there is no point, if the transaction does not go up to a major exchange, the transaction volume will not increase and the ranking will place importance as it can not go to the top.

3. Multiple listing on major exchange schedule
2. Cooperated with at least one exchange
1. No Exchange Cooperation

RISK — possible risk analysis has been done

Evaluate the extent of possible risk analysis by the project team.

If risk analysis is done firmly. It is an important item because it can manage the minimum risk.

3. High Risk Analysis
2. Standard risk analysis
1. Low Risk Analysis

I cited these items. In other words, the total point is 12 items x 3 = 36 points.

Evaluation points for each item are 3 (high) 2 (normal) 1 (low).

And the final evaluation is distinguished as follows.

  • HIGH — 30 points or more
  • MEDIUM — 24 points or more
  • LOW — lower

ICO evaluation and analysis of TrueGame


Even in gambling, the project theme focuses on online casinos. Among them, it is an iGaming Pictorial Element, and few projects succeed in this field project.

It accepts smart contract based games and legal currency, and provides white label solution.

The vision of the project is not grand, it is relatively feasible.


The project lists the problems that are regarded as problems for general enemies.

  1. Fairness issues
  2. Transparency problem
  3. Commission problem
  4. Profitability issues

The solution is clear, and if all solutions are realized, a new form of iGaming platform is completed which has never existed before. From a technical point of view, the architecture is flexible, and it is possible to switch to a network such as Cardano while the traffic projects depend heavily on the platform to be knitted.

This flexibility makes it possible to maximize transaction speed and cost.

Compared to existing project, it is an effective solution.


The team’s experience and experience in the iGaming department is abundant, especially the team that developed 12 games in a short time has a wonderful achievement.

The advisor also has powerful talent, and overall the team power is considered quite high.

About team


Project transparency is standard.

Open Source Information Shell You can easily obtain project information and related team information, details of the white paper are also detailed.


There are 12 games that the product already has community support. Furthermore, these products exist before the ICO is held, and integration of the platform is useful for community building, so it will be highly appreciated.

Product list


The online gambling market has grown rapidly in recent years.

Especially in Europe, the gambling market is active, among which online sports, online poker and casino occupy a large share.

The project team understands the trends in these markets, and we believe that the market will boost the project from this factor,

  • Preparation of regulations
  • Constant population growth
  • Increase tourism number

However, from the two viewpoints of cryptocurrency and gambling, integration with the cryptographic currency has many problems, and overall there is a potential risk, so it did not reach the highest rating.


The market itself is expanding, and the project itself can also consider many advantages in terms of competition, but it is expected that competition exists quite a lot and the acquisition of market share intensifies.

Comprehensively this evaluation.


The attention degree is higher.


The height of the external evaluation is obvious and they should be proud of the number of reviews and high evaluation by ICObench experts.

ICObench: 4.8

ICOrating: Positive

TrackICO: 5.0

FoundICO: 9.5


TrueGame has a prominent exchanges listing expert, one of whom thanks to her (before the presentation).

You can expect that the number of exchanges will increase with the power of her and the community from now on.

The fact that the number of telegrams is large can also help.


The token is a utility element and you can benefit from the platform’s ticket sales fee. Therefore, the token holder has the merit of holding in the long term.

Also, as the number of cards issued is limited, it is expected to rise in the short term as well.


The team conducts risk analysis thoroughly and is actively actively acquiring casino licenses in terms of legal risk.

Regarding market risk, the ICO time and the timing of listing on the exchange are taken into consideration, and the achievement of the team covers development risk.


The total point is 31/36.

Therefore, assign a rating of HIGH to the TrueGame project.

Overall, this project is well equipped with product, team experience, minimum risk analysis, project performance is considered high.

For details of the project, please see this article.

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